In the spirit of a community garden, the season of events at Chichele Garden is well under way

And the Band played on … Brass on the Grass Sunday 16 July

Before 3pm the audience were already assembled to listen to the Raunds Temperance Band with most bringing their own seating and some picnicking.

The first half of brass band music was a delight with a mix of marches, Gershwin and musical favourites and a quick count estimated an audience of seventy clearly enjoying the music.

Then at around 3.45pm a dark cloud broke into spots of rain. The band took their break for refreshments. By the end of their break, the shower had developed into a deluge and not surprisingly half of the audience left while others fetched umbrellas or sought other means of shelter. A few were clearly prepared for all weather anyway and the band could continue covered by a gazebo and large parasol.

The event had turned from a sedate Sunday afternoon in a beautiful garden to the spirit of the Blitz and was probably more fun as a result. An audience of at least 25 troupers stayed to enjoy more medleys with solos from ‘Les Mis’ and Andrew Lloyd Weber hits that were clearly well appreciated as the cheers of appreciation got louder culminating in shouts of “More!” at 5pm to which the band happily responded with an encore. Far from diminishing the enjoyment of the event the rain seemed to create a more appreciative audience and atmosphere.

Art Exhibitions in the College

We hold a number of exhibitions inside the College from April to October, for many local artists and artisans to show their work.

Entry to all exhibitions is FREE of charge.

We look forward to the garden having many visitors from near and far in the coming months. And please remember that the garden is free for everyone to enjoy and is never closed.